All Second Chance in-person sessions are canceled until further notice. Remote sessions are still being held on an as-needed basis at the following times:

  • Student sessions are now scheduled Tuesday - Friday, 11:00am - 1:00pm;
  • Parent/Guardian sessions are scheduled on the last evening of the student session, 6:30-8:30pm;
  • Booster sessions are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the teen/parents and instructors.

Anyone making a referral should complete the online referral form by clicking the link on the Second Chance homepage. You can also send an email to or or call 202-644-6812.


Second Chance is an educational program for Arlington middle and high school students to help them avoid using alcohol, drugs and certain other substances. Second Chance is not treatment or therapy. Students showing signs of early substance use will benefit most from attending Second Chance. Students who are found to be under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, and/or certain other substances may be diverted to Second Chance in lieu of school suspension by Arlington Public Schools or prosecution by Arlington County Juvenile Courts. Parents who are concerned about or see signs of early substance use can refer their teen, and teens can refer themselves. Participation in Second Chance is confidential. ​​​ ​Second Chance is a collaborative community effort that includes students, parents/guardians, school administrators, police, the juvenile justice system, Commonwealth’s Attorney, and non-profit partners. It is a program of the Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families Foundation, a private charitable and educational organization.
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