Second Chance Arlington is a restorative justice education program for Arlington middle and high school students to help them avoid alcohol, drugs, and certain other illegal substances. It is not treatment, counseling, or therapy. Students showing signs of early substance use will benefit most from attending. Participation is free for Arlington County middle and high school students. 

Students may be referred by their parents/guardians who are concerned their teen might be using substances. They also may be referred by Arlington Public Schools (APS) if they are found under the influence or in possession of illegal substances in lieu of school suspension, or by Arlington Juvenile Courts in lieu of court involvement. Students can also self-refer. In all instances, attendance is confidential and an excused school absence.

Second Chance Arlington is a collaborative community effort that includes students, parents/guardians, school administrators, police, the juvenile justice system, Commonwealth’s Attorney, and non-profit partners. It is a program of the Arlington Foundation for Families and Youth.

Teen Testimonials:

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